MG 60 T.A.O./A

Compactor - Press for furniture and bed mattress industries

Horizontal hydraulic compactor machine MG 60 T.A.O.-C for formation and shaping scrap material bales of recyclable materials such as: cardboard paper, nylon plastic, big-bags, fibre-glass and insulation in general, expanded and soft polyurethane, sponge foam, PET and tetrapak bottles, leathers, rags, cloths, generic trash, etc.. Especially suited for the furniture and bed mattress industries materials such as expanded and soft polyurethane, foam, padding. MG 60 T.A.O.-C features a closed compaction chamber, the front part opens for inserting material to be pressed. The loading door is hydraulic based for crushing any overloads. The electrical panel is located high along with the hydraulic control unit. All commands are within easy reach for user-friendly operation. Materials are loaded from above, with a closed-cage cart tipping system (2 carts included) protected by photocells or gates. The material is front-loaded, the materials holding systems optimise loading times, ensuring that the loading chamber is always empty at the end of every pressing cycle. liquid containment and collection pan.