MG 35 707

Compactor - Press for waste materials Mod. MG 35 707

The structure of the machine is in sheet metal and welded metal sections, in order to operate in the toughest conditions. The parts most subject to wear are constructed in material antiusury with the possibility of replacement. The cycle production is controlled by a PLC installed on the electrical panel which means electromagnetic sensors or lighting controls the hydraulic actuation of the pressing surface, determines the introduction of needles and tying wires acting on its electric motors by means of a hydraulic device also responsible for the cutting of the wire. The machine is equipped with a system of double guillotine for the slice of material to be compacted. The pressing speed is made by the double pump according to the resistance by the material to be compacted, this allows greater performance and better quality. A small opening with safety switch allows manual entry of material at head height. The body machine is slightly raised off the ground to allow easy cleaning.